25% Off Robot Ninja During BobWP 48-Hour WordPress Content Marathon

If you’re not a fan of sleep* there are 48 reasons to stay awake thanks to the BobWP 48-Hour WordPress Content Marathon.

Over 48 hours, BobWP is publishing 48+ pieces of content, every hour, on the hour. The event kicks off at 6am PST on 6 February and ends at 6am on 8 February.

Robot Ninja is proudly supporting BobWP’s initiative. Here’s a rundown of what will be published and when during the content marathon.

What’s great about this initiative is that BobWP has partnered with some of the best people, products and services for WordPress (including us!) to deliver incredibly valuable content, including interviews, articles, tutorials, reviews, videos and more.

Why is BobWP doing all this? It’s all part of BobWP Backer, a pledge drive designed to help raise funds to keep BobWP online so that he can keep creating the kind of content that helps people make the most of WordPress and WooCommerce.

BobWP 48-hour content marathon
48 hours of WordPress content, every hour, on the hour.

If you’re not already familiar with BobWP, head on over to the site and check it out. He produces a lot of content on WordPress, eCommerce and blogging. He also does three fantastic podcasts: BobWP eCommerce Show, BobWP Monetizer Podcast and Do the Woo.

Bob has been a great supporter of Robot Ninja since we launched last year and we’re more than happy to return the favor and support a valuable member of the WordPress community.

Keeping On Top of Your WooCommerce Site

When Bob asked us if we’d like to contribute to the marathon, of course we said yes. So our very own team lead Jason Conroy put together some of our best tips for managing your online store in a video.

Watch it here: https://bobwp.com/five-things-keep-top-woocommerce-site/

Here’s a rundown of what Jason covers in the video:

  1. Keep your site up-to-date
  2. Back up your site
  3. Marketing is a must
  4. Reporting, tracking and analytics
  5. Provide outstanding customer service

25% Off Robot Ninja for 48 Hours

During the marathon, there’ll be lots of great offers in store for people who donate to BobWP Backer, including several licenses for some of the best WordPress plugins and services around.

To further show our support for the initiative, we’re offering 25% off Robot Ninja during the content marathon.

The BobWP 48-Hour WordPress Content Marathon is only on for 48 hours so make the most of the content available, including our tips on how to keep on top of WooCommerce. If you don’t plan on staying up for the whole initiative make sure you check back to see what’s been published.

* We are big fans of sleep! But will be checking back over the next couple of days to see who else is taking part in the content marathon.