Never lose time or sleep again, worrying whether your checkout is working. Take all the tedious manual work of testing your site away and let Robot Ninja take care of it for you!


Coding (and maintaining) end-to-end / browser tests isn't easy and can be very time consuming. Our aim is to make the process of testing your site as easy and code-free as possible. Simply connect your store, make some configuration decisions, select a schedule and away you go.

Schedule Tests

Don't wait days or weeks to hear from customers that your checkout isn't working or waste the time manually checking your store. With Robot Ninja you can schedule tests to run daily or weekly to save you time.

Test, Staging or Production

Robot Ninja fits your workflow - as long as the site is publicly accessible we can work with it. If you want to test a staging site after running updates we can do it. If you want to use us more like a monitoring tool and regularly check your production site we can do that too.

Real Products

Select real products from your site to use in your tests. No more testing with dummy or $0 products or by having to create test coupons. With Robot Ninja you are free to use actual products.

Real Payments

Robot Ninja works with payment gateways* in staging mode as well as live/production mode (with real payments) if you are looking for a higher level of assurance that your customers can get through your checkout process.

Get Notified

Get notified when your tests fail. Currently we only support email notifications but Slack integration is on the way - watch this space.


We keep track of your test history so that you can always go back through your results, view reported errors and check your store configuration at the time of failure to help determine the cause.

Connect Multiple Stores

Whether you're an agency who looks after multiple client WooCommerce stores or a serial ecommerce entrepreneur with a portfolio of thriving WooCommerce stores we've got you covered with the ability to connect and manage tests for multiple WooCommerce stores from the one account.