What’s New in Robot Ninja: Support for 5 New Payment Gateways

Exciting news this week: We’ve added support for five new payment gateways:

  • Authorize.net CIM
  • Moneris
  • BrainTree
  • Intuit QBMS
  • Bacs

Robot Ninja has always supported Stripe, but previously only offered limited support for other gateways that displayed credit card fields on the checkout. We found some gateways had settings or fields that weren’t compatible out-of-the-box, so we’ve added support for them.

Adding support for gateways in Robot Ninja doesn’t just mean adding support for properly filling in credit card details. It also means supporting their different gateway options, such as test mode or hosted fields.

Robot Ninja payment gateways
Robot Ninja now supports four new payment gateways.

New Gateway Support

Here’s an overview of the specific gateway features we’ve introduced support for:

Authorize.net CIM

  • Transaction type set to charge (payment charged immediately)
  • Tokenization enabled/disabled
  • Environment set to “test” or “production”
  • Accept.JS enabled/disabled


  • Transaction type set to charge
  • Tokenization enabled/disabled
  • Hosted Tokenization enabled/disabled

Braintree (Credit Card)

  • Transaction type set to charge
  • Card verification enabled/disabled
  • Tokenization enabled/disabled
  • Environment set to Sandbox or Production

Intuit QBMS

  • Transaction type set to charge
  • Tokenization enabled/disabled
  • Environment set to Sandbox or Production

New Payment Gateway Features Explained

Gateway Testing/Sandbox Environment

With all-new support for environments set to Sandbox or Production, Robot Ninja will use test credit card numbers provided by the gateway instead of the Robot Ninja test cards for test purchases.

Gateway Hosted Fields

There’s also new support for Moneris’ hosted card fields. If your store has Hosted Tokenization enabled, Moneris will host the credit card fields on your checkout within iframe elements and Robot Ninja will find and switch to these iframe elements and properly fill in your payment form.

Other Gateway Settings

We’ve also added support for gateways that have the option to disable card verification. This means that if you have card verification disabled on your store, the card security code (CVV) field will not be displayed on the checkout, and in turn Robot Ninja won’t try looking for it during testing.

Gateway Transaction Types Explained

Most gateways have two options for setting their transaction type: charge or authorization.

Charge tells the gateway to make the payment immediately at the time of processing the order.

Authorisation tells the gateway to hold onto the payment request, create a pending order and have the store manager authorize all incoming transactions.

Right now, Robot Ninja does not support authorization transaction types due to the extra steps involved. When running tests, Robot Ninja needs the order to be charged immediately and set to processing so that the funds can be refunded back onto the test cards and the order can then be deleted.

Support for More Gateways

The codebase behind Robot Ninja has evolved to a point where it’s now easier for us to add greater support for payment gateways. So if you find that Robot Ninja doesn’t support a gateway that your store uses, let us know! Head over to our Ideas & Feedback page and create an idea or shoot us an email at support@robotninja.com.

As always, if you run into any issues with these new gateway features, let us know so we can help you out.

~ The Robot Ninja Team (Brent, Jason & Matt)