What’s New in Robot Ninja: Support for Moar WooCommerce Payment Gateways

It’s been a short while since we’ve shared an update on new gateways in Robot Ninja, but today’s the today! In the latest build, we’ve added support for two more WooCommerce payment gateways:

  • QuickPay
  • Mollie Payments

The way Robot Ninja tests with these two gateways is little unique to all the other gateways we’ve added so far, so let’s go through what’s different.

1. Testing Real Transactions

The main difference between Mollie and QuickPay compared to other WooCommerce payment gateways that Robot Ninja already supports is that they send customers off-site to complete the payment form. So, depending on what payment integrations or payment methods a store has configured with that payment provider, the customer could land on a number of different payment forms to complete purchase.

Due to the number of options available, this makes it difficult for Robot Ninja to 100% support testing real WooCommerce payments because there are so many different different ways the gateways can accept payment.

QuickPays payment options and integrations
QuickPays many different payment options and integrations.

The best solution for now, is to not test real payments but to instead check that a pending order has been successfully created when the customer clicked the “Place Order” or “Continue to Payment” button.

2. Check the Order Received Page Has Been Landed On

If either Mollie or QuickPay is chosen as the gateway for a store’s Robot Ninja tests, tests will be redirected off-site to complete the payment form. Since we’re not testing real payments, the order received page is not landed on, so Robot Ninja will not expect to see this page.

Documentation ❣

As part of introducing a different level of support for gateways in Robot Ninja, we’ve also put together documentation that outlines all the gateways that we’ve added to Robot Ninja, along with some that haven’t, and also the features each gateway does or doesn’t support.

Check out our payment gateway document.

What is Tested with These Gateways?

You might be asking what is Robot Ninja actually testing if it’s not testing real payments or the order received page?

Firstly, Robot Ninja will only choose QuickPay and Mollie if your store has no other available gateways. If one of these gateways is used, the tests will still check that the products can be added to the cart, the checkout billing, shipping and payment options can still be filled in/chosen without issues, and that when the “Place Order” or “Continue to Payment” button is clicked, a pending order is created.

Checking for a pending order is just as good as testing real payments because it’s a true sign that checkout has been completed and an order processed.

Support for Other Gateways

If Robot Ninja doesn’t support a WooCommerce payment gateway that your store uses, let us know! Head over to our Ideas & Feedback page and create an idea or shoot us an email at support@robotninja.com.

As always, if you run into any issues with running tests on Robot Ninja, let us know so we can help you out.

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