About Us

Robot Ninja is the latest project by the team at Prospress. Our mission is simple - help people prosper with WordPress.


We've been doing a lot of talking with (and listening to) store managers and developers (both freelance and agencies) over the past fews years. Some of the most common and interesting threads of discussion we've had have been around:

  • the amount of time individuals were spending maintaining and testing their stores (often with convoluted and inventive ways to test whether or not their checkouts were working); and
  • the anxiety often experienced by individuals worrying whether their WooCommerce store would be working the next day or simply whether things we're setup correctly.

We wanted to do something to help WooCommerce store owners claw back their time and help relieve them from some of this anxiety. This is where the idea for Robot Ninja was born.

Robot Ninja

At its core Robot Ninja is an automated testing service.

We use end-to-end (e2e) testing (sometimes also referred to as browser testing) principles/technologies to test WooCommerce stores to help ensure they are working as expected.

E2e testing certainly is not a new concept and WooCommerce now has some e2e tests baked into core that developers can use and extend upon (this is awesome).

What we hope to bring to the table with Robot Ninja is a service that supplements those tests and gives store owners, developers and agencies some additional features such as the ability to

  • schedule and/or setup recurring tests on live and/or staging sites;
  • use real products from their store - not dummy products; and
  • use real payments.

But this is only the beginning. We've got many many more ideas to explore.


Robot Ninja is backed by the friendly team of WooCommerce professionals at Prospress. We've been working with WooCommerce for over 6 years and are responsible for popular extensions like WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people prosper with WordPress by

  • Helping people sell more - ideally, we also help them sell more with WooCommerce than they could with other platforms.
  • Helping more people sell - and help them sell with WooCommerce, instead of any other platform.

With this in mind, Robot Ninja can help achieve our first tactic by helping store managers avoid lost sales - alerting store managers that their checkouts or products may not be working as expected so they can be fixed sooner with less impact to sales (time is money after all).

Our Goals

For now our goal is simple. Make automated testing of WooCommerce stores as accessible as possible, by offering a service that is

  • Value for money - we won't break the bank.
  • Easy to setup - connecting WooCommerce stores should be a breeze.
  • Easy to maintain - no complex configuration should be required.
  • WooCommerce focussed - we'll listen to the community and our customers and build features that are most valuable to them.

Our Team

The core Robot Ninja team consists of:

Brent Shepherd

Founder / Bottleneck

Jason Conroy

Team Lead

Matt Allan

Robot Technician